Here’s my story: I’ll admit it. I was skeptical about these ‘magical’ essential oils I kept hearing about.  I’m very interested in natural remedies and detoxifying our home, and essential oils seemed like a natural fit. The summer of 2013, My Sister-in-Law, Amanda,  introduced Young Living Essential Oils to me. So I thought this seems fun, Let’s do it! So I order my First Premium Starter Kit. And that’s when my life made a complete turnaround for the better.


I can not describe how much these oils have changed my life. This is the hard part– due to FDA guidelines, I’m not really allowed to tell you all the ways I use them on this blog. So I’m going to share a little bit, and we can chat further for more information!

Here’s a few ways they’ve rocked our world for health and wellness:

  • rub diluted Thieves oil on my kids’ spines at the first sign of illness to boost natural immunity
  • drinking water with Lemon oil to support our body’s natural ability to detox
  • drink NingXia Red daily for energy, nutrition, and massive infusion of antioxidants
  • diffusing and spraying Purification to dispel bad odors – great for bathrooms, too.
  • making a chemical-free outdoor spray
  • using Lemon oil to get off tough stickers and labels (works sooooo well)
  • diffusing Lavender and Cedarwood to help me sleep, Momma needs her sleep !!!
  • rubbing on Lavender oil when we’ve gotten too much sun
  • slathering myself in Cool Azul and Deep Relief after workouts
  • putting Peace and Calming oil in my children’s diffusers at bedtime
  • putting Manuka and Melrose on my skin for natural skin health
  • diffusing R.C. oil blend when my kids need it— this is another oil I can not live without!!! I apply to my chest and behind my neck before a workout.  The energetic aroma helps me stay motivated!
  • and that’s just the tip of the iceberg

These oils are a GAME. CHANGER.