Mineral Sunscreen

I know so many of you have been looking for a safe sunscreen and now Young Living has one!
It’s got non-nanoparticalized zinc oxide meaning the zinc won’t absorb into your bloodstream, which is important because we don’t know what long term effects zinc oxide has in our systems.
Next, it’s SPF 10 which is perfect! You want some Vitamin D but want to avoid getting too much sun exposure. SPF 10 means if you typically get burned in the sun in 10 minutes when you have no sunscreen on, you can stay out in the sun using Young Living’s sunscreen 10 times longer or 100 minutes before needing to reapply it. 
It’s a non-greasy formula and doesn’t leave a white residue, which is hard to find in a zinc based sunscreen.
Hooray for Young Living! Perfect for summer!

***It’s currently out of stock because people bought a ton of it while at Convention, but it will hopefully be back in stock very soon.