From the Land, Not the Lab: How Out of Stock Essential Oils Showcase the Young Living Difference

Due to supply constraint , we often witness our favourite Young Living Oils going out of stock.

The common 2 reasons are as follow :

  • Out of Stock
  • Seasonal Constraint ( e.g. Roman Chamomile & Blue Tansy are seasonal and only grows on certain period of the year)

Due to popular demand for certain oils, it is common for oils to be out of stock and I honestly think we should be happy about it . Having oils to be out of stock is an important indication that what we are receiving are pure oils and not oils that can be easily made by adding chemicals together.

“Sometimes, a distillation will not meet a certain quality of standard, and our founder and CEO, Gary Young will absolutely reject the whole batch rather than send out a subpar oil. “Something similar happened with the availability of therapeutic-grade helichrysum. Members begged Gary to just buy the best he could get because other companies continued to sell it. He refused, knowing that the oil on the market would not have the therapeutic effects that members had come to expect from YL helichrysum and it would ultimately be bad for the company’s reputation.”

Because we are dealing with natural products straight from the Earth with different harvests and nature cycles, and because YL will never compromise on quality, many products have limited or seasonal availability. When you find an oil you like, it’s always good to stock up.
Did you know that Young Living updates a weekly Out of Stock Report? You can get updated stock info here (bookmark this):

Click to access OOS_final.pdf

FYI: Gary Young offers the following recommendations for some substitutions for out of stock oils:
• Deep Relief: Panaway, Relieve It

• Melaleuca: Palo Santo, Melrose

• Myrrh: Mountain Savory

• Sclaressence: Clary Sage

• Breathe Again: RC, Blue Eucalyptus

• Valor: Valor II, Highest Potential, Harmony

• Stress Away: Tranquil (or Stress Away roller)

• Blue Tansy: German or Roman Chamomile

• Melissa: Lemon Myrtle

• Ledum: GLF

• Wintergreen: Palo Santo, Dorado Azul

• Grapefruit: Tangerine (or Grapefruit Vitality)

• Clove: Cassia, Ocotea

• Lady Sclerol: Clary Sage

Vitality oils contain the same product as the non-Vitality oils, just the labeling is different since they’re labeled for internal use. If available, try the Vitality version instead. There’s over 40 available!

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